STARTUP PICNIC GEW 2014 - 22 November, at CSIR Sports & Recreation Club

STARTUP PICNIC GEW 2014 - 22 November, at CSIR Sports & Recreation Club

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STARTUP PICNIC GEW 2014 - 22 November, at CSIR Sports & Recreation Club

STARTUP PICNIC GEW 2014 - 22 November, at CSIR Sports & Recreation Club

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STARTUP PICNIC GEW 2014 - 22 November, at CSIR Sports & Recreation Club

STARTUP PICNIC GEW 2014 - 22 November, at CSIR Sports & Recreation Club

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The Reasons Why People Do Not Want You To Follow Your Dreams

I am on a blogging marathon promoting of my upcoming 3rd book (28 October 2015), The Anxious Entrepreneur. Pre-order it at up to 40% discount.

People like to dig and analyse people’s background affairs.

A homeboy was saying to me I wouldn’t be pursuing entrepreneurship had my parents not been doing ok. He meant, given otherwise, I would have been forced to take a job to keep things going in the family.

It got me thinking of

Four Ways for Entrepreneurs to Defuse Anxiety

These points are extracted from my upcoming book The Anxious Entrepreneur.

It was at about 3:35 pm. I felt I was about to faint or have a panic attack. The day was not going well. Over and above, I was overly tired.

It had been weeks since I had any ‘win’. Therefore I needed to hustle people on the phone even if it was 4:00 pm. I was desperate. For goodness’ sake, that time is around knock off time. A business pitch is the last thing they would want to hear.

A rejection email had heightened the panic. All these triggered

Open letter to minister of Small Business Development: The other things frustrating entrepreneurship growth in South Africa

Good day minister Zulu. First congratulations on your appointment on the new department.

This article has been in the writing even before it became known that the Department of Small Business Development would be. I’ve been chasing perfection with it, but I guess like entrepreneurship is about operating in ever ideal-less situations – it will never be perfect.

A Short Guide To Knowing An Entrepreneur

Over the past decade I’ve had countless conversations about being an entrepreneur, what the definition of an entrepreneur is and why the hell people like us keep doing what we do in the face of insane odds and statistically certain failure.

Below is a list of 15 things that I’d like you to know about entrepreneurs.

1. We are completely broken

Most entrepreneurs wont admit this because a lot of the time we have to believe our own hype. But the truth is, we’re broken. How else do you explain our never ending desire to buck social norms, start companies on a shoestring budget, eat like we’re broke (because a lot of the time we are) and work hour upon hour in the hope that we’ll create something incredible enough to grow our wealth.

Why I love being an entrepreneur

The other day I managed – unintentionally I’d like to add – scare quite a few people with my blog “From Employee to Entrepreneur: what I wish someone had told me before I quit my job at Goldman Sachs”. The intention wasn’t to scare anyone, but to slap aspiring entrepreneurs with the reality check hand in the face before making the leap.

The feedback made me think that perhaps I was too harsh and might scare some potential entrepreneurs from making the jump. So in this sequel (movie rights pending). I’d like to give you the other side of the coin… the thing that makes being an entrepreneur so incredibly worthwhile. This feedback isn’t just based on my personal experiences: it is a collection of experiences of all those entrepreneurs that I meet on a weekly basis, whether through my involvement in mentoring, coaching, speaking engagements, funding assistance, or alcohol anonymous meetings (kidding about the latter!).

After Failure, What’s Next?

Recently, I wrote a post titled After Your First Big Success, What’s Next? The comment thread was powerful and fascinating, as was the direct email feedback I got, including the following note:

“I think it would be interesting to hear your perspective on how an entrepreneur should approach “what’s next” after coming off a failed business. How should one manage their own emotions and their own perspectives post failure? It’s easy to play the blame game and it’s easy to be extremely hard on ourselves. There has to be constructive ways to move forward rather than destructive ways that could lead to lack of confidence, or depression.”

Having failed at a lot of things, I’m completely comfortable tackling this.