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The speakers at Startup Picnic JHB Breakast-Talk on 02 May 2015

As always, the fun at STARTUP PICNIC starts with an opportunity to hear from fellow entrepreneurs who are doing it and very well at that. This is what we call the Breakfast-Talk at STARTUP PICNIC, which this time will be from 10am to 12pm (2 May 2015 at Lido Hotel, Johannesburg). In a casual setting,…

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Marumo Lekwankwa is the breakfast talk guest speaker at Startup Picnic JHB, 2 May 2015

At the last Startup Picnic, people really really loved the speakers, Irfan Pardesi and Busta Madiba. The next speaker isn’t short of excellence. It is with great excitement to bring to you Marumo Lekwankwa as the quest speaker at the upcoming Startup Picnic JHB, on the 2nd of May 2015 at Lido Hotel in Eikenhof,…

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