Author: Alan Knott-Craig jr

Founder & CEO of Project Isizwe, a company facilitating the roll-out of free Wi-Fi networks across Africa, funded by municipalities. Founder of Ever Africa: eCommerce, games, education, eBooks and telecoms in Africa.

The most important reason to ignore your parents

Fact: Your parents love you. They do not want you to be hurt. Having lived life, they will know the only way to avoid pain is to avoid taking risk. That’s why your parents will always give you bad advice. Taking risk is the only path to growth. Personal, social and financial growth. Your growth…

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How to let go of nice people

Its easy getting rid of assholes. Its never nice firing nice people. But sometimes a nice person has to go, and the only question is “How?” Rule number one is show respect. Most of the time, strict adherence to the law is the wrong process because it incentivizes the employer to “manage” the person out…

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