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Mentoring Your Kids for Entrepreneurship: Lessons from a Mother

I grew up in a small town in Lesotho called Diphiring, Berea. I was one of the privileged kids whose father worked in the mines. Every Christmas we would get lot of hampers as part of my fathers’ bonus.

Having tea and bread in the morning, you were seen as rich. NotNot many kids in my village had that luxury.

I started selling tea and coffee in the village. I was going house to house selling a teaspoon of tea and coffee at a minimum fee. My sales skills and negotiation skills were developed. I was only 8 years old.

Kids from the village would ask me for tea but instead of giving them for free, I would hand them a tin of tea to sell on my behalf, and when they reach their targets, they would get a teaspoon of tea as a reward. Business started booming and everyone wanted to be an agent. The rest is history…..

When I saw the same spark in my kids, I had to

Entrepreneurial Depression: I Felt Like I Was Spiralling Deep Into a Dark Hole

Being an entrepreneur has never been more desirable, and I should know because I am one.
At 34 I have ticked a few boxes: business contracts ending, emotionally and financially straining business and two miscarriages,

Despite living what some might think is the “entrepreneurial dream” – I