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Why I love being an entrepreneur

The other day I managed – unintentionally I’d like to add – scare quite a few people with my blog “From Employee to Entrepreneur: what I wish someone had told me before I quit my job at Goldman Sachs”. The intention wasn’t to scare anyone, but to slap aspiring entrepreneurs with the reality check hand in the face before making the leap.

The feedback made me think that perhaps I was too harsh and might scare some potential entrepreneurs from making the jump. So in this sequel (movie rights pending). I’d like to give you the other side of the coin… the thing that makes being an entrepreneur so incredibly worthwhile. This feedback isn’t just based on my personal experiences: it is a collection of experiences of all those entrepreneurs that I meet on a weekly basis, whether through my involvement in mentoring, coaching, speaking engagements, funding assistance, or alcohol anonymous meetings (kidding about the latter!).

What I wish someone had told me before quitting my job at Goldman Sachs to start my own business

Here is a letter I would have written to my old self with suggestions about what to think about before quitting my job at Goldman Sachs to start my own business.

Johannesburg, 24 March 2014

My dear old employed York

I understand you are thinking of quitting your job at ________ where you seem frustrated that you are _________ (not making an impact / stuck in a routine / having to deal with corporate politics). In principle it is a great idea and I commend you on playing with the thought of becoming an entrepreneur as – after all – we know that the real contributors to an economy are entrepreneurs and not large multi-nationals (did you know that in South Africa alone, 67% of all people employed work in SMEs with under 50 employees?).

But before you make the leap allow me to suggest – with the benefit of hindsight – some things I would have done differently: