STARTUP PICNIC GEW 2014 - 22 November, at CSIR Sports & Recreation Club

STARTUP PICNIC GEW 2014 - 22 November, at CSIR Sports & Recreation Club

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STARTUP PICNIC GEW 2014 - 22 November, at CSIR Sports & Recreation Club

STARTUP PICNIC GEW 2014 - 22 November, at CSIR Sports & Recreation Club

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STARTUP PICNIC GEW 2014 - 22 November, at CSIR Sports & Recreation Club

STARTUP PICNIC GEW 2014 - 22 November, at CSIR Sports & Recreation Club

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The speakers at Startup Picnic JHB Breakast-Talk on 02 May 2015

As always, the fun at STARTUP PICNIC starts with an opportunity to hear from fellow entrepreneurs who are doing it and very well at that.

This is what we call the Breakfast-Talk at STARTUP PICNIC, which this time will be from 10am to 12pm (2 May 2015 at Lido Hotel, Johannesburg). In a casual setting, our guest speakers will share experiences in their business life, i.e. the challenges, vulnerabilities, troubles, motivation, key lessons, values and how they gel all these to bring success.

The mission is always to bring you a mixture of guest speakers you would rarely find in one roof but equally are eager to openly share both challenges and victories in their business life.

Our curators went in and invited Khofelo Pholafudi, Marumo Lekwankwa and Arnold Mhlamvu. They are young too.

Below is a bit about them and what to expect…

Arnold Mhlamvu: Copyright and Brand Management Entrepreneur

Arnold is the founder of Global 360 (previously Dreamer Music Group) which represents copyrights of both local and international music brands. Of the many things he does, he is the guy who solicits music rights for adverts that have became your favourite, from international and local artists.

He will share his experience in starting a music rights publishing company in his early 20’s, an industry which is dominated by few and often major recording companies.

Among other subjects, he will share his experience in the following

  • Creatively attracting experience from mentors and industry key players
  • Building a startup in an industry which requires track record to get business
  • Creating credibility enough to represent music rights of top musicians and companies
  • Pitching business internationally and locally

Khofelo Pholafudi: Chamber of Business ‘2014 Young Entrepreneur of the Year’, property investor, strategist and author

His book ‘The Psychology, Science & Art of Turning Contacts into Connections’ has sold over 24 000 copies.

After having lost all his belongings (including assets) at age 30, this is a man that had managed to recoup more than double of his lost assets in a period of less than 2 years from a seriously unpleasant situation – Something that he now shares with others on how to bounce back on their feet instead of breaking apart when they come across such circumstances in life or that of their business.

As a speaker and bestselling author, he shared stage with some of the world’s renounced peak performers like Dr. Hannes Dreyer (his mentor), Mike Handcock, Dave Rogers, Landi Lac, Geo Yayga, Themi Stergianos, Brian Bouwer and many more. He is the founder and chairman of his specialists consulting firm including a number of leading brands such at “The Hangout” – A social networking session hosting a number of top achievers in different industries.

Kholo’s popular talks

  • The art of selling is never to sell
  • How to monetize your talent
  • How to take full control of your time
  • Leadership in uncertain times

Marumo Lekwankwa: Serial Entrepreneur in Real Estate, Franchising and FMCG

Marumo Lekwankwa is a young transaction leveraging businessmen. He has interest and experience in: commercial property, tyre franchise, construction, food retail/wholesale and the hair business.


  • How to take advantage of a small opportunities, stand out and promote yourself
  • Leveraging transactions
  • Leading a team as an employer and scaling
  • What to do when your business is in trouble
  • Sales and marketing strategies from experience in consumer goods

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Tickets are R100 per person (limited) at Computicket (Shoprite and Checkers).

Startup Picnic JHB will start from 9am and run till 8pm. 02 May 2015, Lido Hotel, Johannesburg.

Businesses interested in exhibiting at Startup Picnic should send an email to

Ensure that you are dressed for comfort. Don’t forget to bring camp chairs. Cooler boxes enter at R50. Check food menu on

speakers - Startup Picnic 02 May 2014